a model meeting

You may remember I mentioned a few months ago that we had some photos taken of Taylor to pursue a modeling career?  Well, we finally had a comp card put together and got letters out to different agencies in Chicago about a month or so ago.

Taylor's gotten a couple letters back from the agencies that have so far expressed no interest.  So we called John Casablanca Agency in Brookfield.  They 'happen' to be in the process of searching for new faces and had us come in today.

There were 15ish other aspiring models and actors of different ages milling about in the small room.  They all had to fill out some forms, do a little strut on the catwalk {Taylor almost threw up!}, and then would be rated an A, B, or C.

A.  You have all the skills, experience and tools needed to start booking jobs right away.
B.  You have the look they are interested in, but would like you to take some of their classes to get you fully prepared to book a job.
C.  No interest.

Taylor was a B++ ... it totally helped that we had her comp card.  The director of the agency also happened to be in today and saw Taylor in the hallway and inquired about her and told our facilitator that she was interested in her.  Yay Tay!!

They put Taylor into the 'Select Female Model' group, which means she's in an advanced group and only has to take half the required classes {because they feel she'll be ready to go in less time than the other girls}.  And the director will be talking to us about possibly booking jobs before Taylor's training is complete ... we'll see about that.

Taylor is beyond excited!  Stay tuned ...


Amy Schaal said...

That is so incredibly exciting. Good for her. She is beautiful. Look out Nick.

heather said...

Yay Taylor!! What a cool experience!!!