my day in photos ...

I'm usually a pretty early riser, but these days I have been majorly sleeping in!  7ish is luxury at it's finest for me!  This morning though, I had much to get done in order to leave the house by 8:30 with 3 kids in tow for vacation.  {Taylor's dad is home this weekend, so she stayed with him}.

Anyway.  I thought I'd get a head start on things and was proud to wake at 6:00!

As I started to sneak past the baby's room, I saw she was already awake, which was odd.  But dad must have it handled, so I crept into my office to get some things done.

A few minutes later, she comes toddling in ... alone.  Didn't expect that.  Oooo, but I love to cuddle her up, so took full advantage!  After a bit, she's getting antsy and ends up on my desk coloring at the 'color station.'  All three of the girls {and sometimes Taylor}, love to draw on the erase board and play back there.

Then it was a mad-dash off to the airport for our three{plus} hour flight to Exuma.  The weather isn't hot and sunny.  It's cloudy, windy, humid, and absolutely wonderful.

I don't know what it is, but for me ... time just stops when I'm here.  I absolutely felt my soul being soothed as we left the airplane.

When we got to the house, Hunter and I laid down for a nap ... ahhhhhh ...

{OH!  P.S. folks ... I took the camera out of the box!!}  I absolutely love it.  Amazing.  Wow.  How did I take photos without it?  My bum-eye is still getting the best of me, but I'm trying not to get too frustrated by it.}

So this is Huntie when we woke from our nap ...

And this is Piper letting me play with my camera.

And this is Hunter looking for the sun.  {Don't you love potty-training undies?}

And this is Hunter with Lion {and attitude}.

And this is Wynter with all her dolls.  Piper and Wynter have spent the last three days straight playing 'dollie' ... I can not believe how obsessed they are with it.

And this is a pre-dinner walk to the dock.

And the girls digging a clam shell out of the water.

And a view of the vast amount of water surrounding us.  Water that holds peace for me ... sigh ...

Hunter with something to say.

A dad who loves to explore with his girls.

And finally ... the evening comes to an end with game night.

Time to get some kiddo's to bed {yeah, by that I mean I'm hitting the hay early}!

Nite-nite ...


heather said...

Look at how tall Hunter is!!! When did that happen?? I seriously had to double check to be sure what kid it is!!

Looks like you are having fun!!! :-)

Gretchen said...

OOOooooOOOO that camera is amazing!

Amy Schaal said...

I am so happy you broke out your camera and you are resting. The pictures are great. Have a fantastic time.

Traci said...

Looks fabulous there! Rest and enjoy!

I am so in love with your camera. What lens do you have on that baby?!