spiritual children

I have been struggling for some time now and pray frequently, that I be a beacon, a spiritual leader to our children.

I missed the boat on this one with Taylor, Piper, and even Wynter when they were small. And it. is. hard. to try to make up for it. Especially when they turn into Miss Teenagers.

I love that I pray over Hunter every night in her crib. When I hear her little 'amen' ... it melts my heart and I know God is pleased.

My question was ... "How do you get spiritual children?" "How do you bring that down to a home level?" Sure, we can pray before bed and even pray before meals, or read and watch Christian books and movies. But how do I know they are 'getting it?'

My answer came yesterday morning in the car. The girls were singing "You're a grand ol' flag, you're a high flyin' flag ..." {I have got to get video of this for you!} And Wynter says, "Why do they talk about God in that song?"

I was driving {one-eyed}, and distracted in my thoughts as I usually am when I'm driving, so started mumbling some lame answer about how our nation was founded under God's care. She looked thoroughly confused, so I went on to mumble even more about how our coins say 'In God we Trust.'

I looked back and saw her head tilted with curiosity. And it hit me ... this is an opportunity.

So I tried my best to get out my intelligent hat {it comes out on occasion}, and go deep with my answer ... you know, five year old deep.

I did my best to recite the Pledge of Allegiance part in reference to God. It's been years ... you try to pull that one out of your bootie!

I explained that there was a time when our country relied on God for all we did, and all he provided to us. God was an important part of everyone's daily lives.

Here's the 'ah-ha' part for me ... grrr, I'm not remembering it exactly. But she pulls out the story from the bible {well, pulls it outta her bootie}, where God sent the angel down to talk to Mary to tell her she would have a baby. "Is it like that mom? Did he used to send his angels down?"

We talked more and it was a good conversation. And as I was going to bed last night, I realized, those are the learning moments. It's not a great discussion or teaching from above ...

It's taking them to church. It's praying with them. It's talking about God and our beliefs in everyday discussions. Songs. Praise.

Now my goal is, for them to see me reading the Bible, instead of typing on this darn machine! Whadda think the odds of that happening are? :)

Stay tuned ...

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