while dad's away

The kids will play!  Daddy’s out of town for a month and the kids had a day off of school, so we decided to head out of town.

Taylor (and a friend of Taylor’s), Piper, Wynter, Hunter and I braved the cold and spent the weekend at the Blue Harbor Waterpark in Sheboygan.  The kids had a great time.  I’m amazed and Wynter’s braveness and swimming ability.  Hunter couldn’t get enough of the lazy river, while Piper & Wynter kept right up with the big girls going down the water slides.

All to come home to a house full of puking kids!  YUCK!  Hunter started throwing up about 5:00pm.  I changed her and put her right to sleep.  Then Piper started about 5:45 and continued most of the night.  Poor fragile thing.  She’s home from school today ... but both seem to be feeling much better.

Can’t wait for daddy to come home!


my new baby!!

Okay, so technically she belongs to Heather & Matt (and Jack) ... but I honestly can say that I love her as my own!

Elizabeth James Stuart was born March 18, 2007 and home forever (from Guatemala) on November 1, 2007.

Her baptism was this past Sunday and I am one proud Godmother ...


hannah montana rules

At least she rules Taylor’s airwaves ...

We had a fun time taking the girls to the concert at the Bradley Center.  The concert was good, loud but good!

Gotta love when Hannah turns into “Miley” ... great cross-promoting.  And the girls freaked when their mom’s actually knew a song they didn’t ....

circa 1979 {KISS} I wanna rock & roll all night ... and party every day!


girls first bucks game

We got back from vacation on Thursday afternoon and decided to take the girls to their first Bucks game on Friday night (don’t they look just so excited?!?)

We left Hunter at home with a sitter and Taylor was with Frank for the weekend.  It was nice having some alone time with just Piper & Wynter.  The game didn’t start until 7:30, which happens to be the girls bedtime.  Needless to say, we only made it through one period.

We had a good time and will be back!  Check out some photos in our album.


christmas vacation

We left the day after Christmas for Cancun. My sister’s boys came with us (Brett, almost 19; Justin, 15; and Sean, 14) and my mom and dad.

The weather wasn’t super great, but we were happy to miss the blizzard and freezing temperatures here!

I loved having the boys along and their cousins sure did too. But boy am I in for some trouble as these girls get older. I’m thinking God starts to prepare you for that next stage in your child-rearing years? At least praying He does ...

The little girls get up so early, that we need to go to bed early. The boys get up so late, that they go to bed so late! A whole new world for me.

I think it’s safe to say Wynter is officially a swimmer, she was all over the place keeping up with everyone. Piper loved surfing the big waves ... she’d get pounded and come up smiling!

Thanks everyone for a great time! Click here to see our photo album.