and she's down ...

Ever pass out while getting an IV?  I can now add it to my list of accomplishments!

 Miss new nurse is searching around for a good vein {needle is inside of my arm, mind you}, when I start feeling lightheaded and dizzy ... last thing I remember is spotting a bottle of cleaning product from JohnsonDiversey and thinking how 'funny' it was to see it sitting there.

 Next thing I know, legs in the air ... cold pack on my forehead and veteran nurse volunteers to take over ... ya think?

 I had an MRI ordered this morning of my brain and spine, and needed an IV for that.  Yuck!

 Just met with the specialist and basically everything looks good!  Without any clear brain lesions, she feels its {MS} really is just a waiting 'thing' to see if any symptoms present themselves again.  She also ordered additional blood work to rule out some other things that could develop, and assuming all is okay there ... then I'm good to go!

 One final stop with my doc, who just read the MRI results and all is absolutely clear.  Praise God!!

I'll continue to have follow up MRI's and just trust the Lord has it in his hands!


jae said...

I wanted to thank you for helping to spread the word. I saw from my reader that your site had been sending people to mine. It is greatly appreciated.

I also see that I should be telling you congratulations. That is very good news indeed!

Thank you for helping again!

Anonymous said...

Passed out giving blood once (at work) ... does that count?
Cindy B

Traci said...

Wow! What great news! Praise God for this wonderful news.


(smiling for you & your family)