ever have 'one of those days?'

Today was that day!  In a great big ol' way ... it started off okay {sorry, not sure why I'm rhyme master at the moment}.

I dropped the kids off at school and stopped by the gas station to fill up.  Took forever to authorize my card {excuse me, I'm standing in 10 degree weather, could we hurry it up a bit?}.  Then tells me my card's been rejected.

Rejected?  "Nah," I think and being the stubborn idiot I am, I try it again.  You know, cuz the first time it didn't take long enough and because I rather enjoy the freezing cold weather.

Rejected again.  Fine, I'll pay inside then.  That took another 30 minutes to process ... good times!  And then ... it wouldn't let me pick the type of gasoline I wanted.  Humpf!

So I get back in the car and drive to the next pump.  Same ol' routine happening at pump number two.  I thought surely it was a pump number one 'thing' and pump number two definitely wouldn't reject my card.  I was wrong ...

I take the rejection easier this time and go straight for the pay inside option.  And this pump liked my gas choice and I'm in business.

I get inside the car to wait and notice the shirt I'm wearing is on backwards.  It's a turtleneck {why do I feel like a dork admitting that?}, and it's got a seam line that runs down the center of the neck cowl.  So the seam is in the front.  I don't think it's too noticeable, and I'm quite lazy, so I leave it like that all day.

Gas is done and I'm on my way to work.

When I get to work, I try to clean myself up a little.  I've got my jeans tucked in my Uggs {yeah, cuz I'm super cool like that ... just can't let a trend die}, but they're the knitted type and my jeans are all crazy in there cuz I was in a hurry leaving the house with 3 kids this morning, so I try and straighten them out best I can, but I'm feeling much like train wreck.

I go over and clue Nellie in on my train wreck situation and while I'm talking, I realize I have a hole in my sleeve.  Does it get better?


Turns out someone's gotten a hold of my credit card number and has been doing a little spending.  What the heck?

Let's see ... what else?  Given my day, I was probably walking around with a hunk of cilantro {from the chili I brought in} in my teeth!

Fast forward a few hours.

We took the girls to a movie tonight {Hotel for Dogs ... loved it!}.  Curt picked up the baby, while I picked up Piper and Wynter.  Miss teenager had a dance to attend.

We met at the theater.  Curt was in charge of snacks.  He bought each of the girls their own slushie's.  I usually buy them one small drink to share.  I've been trying, trying, trying to relax a little with the rules, have more fun and not be such a task master.

I was not happy, but I didn't say a word.  Slushie's?  Mmmm, yummy, sure, no problem.

Hunter sat by Curt, so I wasn't keeping an eye on things.  Turns out, she drank her whole slushie.  How do I know?  It came out at the end of the movie ... all over me!  With a little popcorn in there too.

She threw up all over herself and me.  Yuck.  Curt took her into the bathroom to change, while I went to clean myself up.  Hunter and I both end up going home shirtless {under our jackets}.

Good times this day of mine ... and I'm happy to say, "all good things must come to an end."

Nite-Nite ...


Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness! You poor thing! I hope you at lease had a good night's sleep!

Traci said...

That is a bummer day! Oh, you still have cilantro in your teeth. Well, somebody had to tell you. ;-)

So glad you're well. We prayed a lot here.