daddy & mommy take a break

For Christmas this past year, I gave Curt a long weekend away to a new resort outside of San Diego called The Grand Del Mar.

This is the weekend we decided to make a break for it.  It’s always so good for us to do this for ourselves.  The kids have a great time with Granny and we get to have a great time with each other.

The weather isn’t great .... I realize it’s better than at home, but still 51(ish) degrees isn’t quite what we were hoping for!  We had a good workout session yesterday morning with some spa services to follow.  Some room service lunch (Curt had major order envy!!) and late afternoon we went to an outdoor mall for some shopping, dinner and a movie.  We saw Jumper, which we both enjoyed.

This morning is pretty much the same as yesterday morning and this afternoon/night we may go to Old Town San Diego for a look around and some dinner.

Tomorrow ... back to reality and our little blessings we left at home.


skiing | the end

We’re heading home today.  We had an awesome three days of sun!  Pretty much the only sun Aspen has seen at all this winter ... how blessed are we?

Yesterday was a great day (I have extremely sore calves to prove it!) ... Wynter ended up being able to ride up to the top of the mountain and we all spent the morning skiing together.  We were over at Buttermilk, instead of Snowmass.  It was just so cool to be skiing along with the girls on the big mountains.  Taylor and Ana ditched us pretty quick to go through some tree trails ...

Taylor & Ana enjoyed the day on skis and got around a lot better.  They are going to do a little boarding this morning before we leave.

Piper & Wynter both got pretty sick, some meds have them a little better this morning.  Wynter had ended up with pink eye and Piper was burning up and coughing like a seal.

We are all looking forward to going home to see our Huntie and little Pebbles!

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skiing, day two

The girls are doing great!  I am so impressed.  They are both going down the chair lift now and we got to ski with them this afternoon on the “big hills.”

Wyntie needed a potty break, so Curt stayed with her and Piper and I (with instructor) went all the way up.  Piper was awesome!  I was actually skiing in her tracks.  What a great feeling to be doing something so fun with your child.  I remember telling her when she was two and just learning to ski that one day mom & dad would be able to ski with her.  So it was sort of surreal to have her skiing along side of me ... I was trying to soak it all in absorbing the memory.  One of those “moments” a parent tries to file away.

Taylor & Ana are plugging along on their boards.  Both are pretty sore and pretty tired.  We are skiing at Snowmass, so tomorrow, we are all going to head over to Buttermilk and spend the day there on the kid trails.  Taylor & Ana are going to ski tomorrow and give the boards (and their behinds) a break.


skiing in aspen

We arrived in Aspen yesterday, late afternoon.  Couldn’t go directly to Aspen as conditions weren’t right for landing, so we flew into Rifle.

Piper & Wynter did a great job today skiing.  Piper will be ready to try the chair lift tomorrow ... we’re looking forward to skiing with her.  They’ve both really come a long way since last year.

Taylor & Ana are snowboarding ... how are they doing?  Well, we just got back from buying them wrist guards and butt pads!

Here’s hoping the weather stays nice ... even had a tad bit of sunshine this afternoon!


and puppy makes four ...

Isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve ever seen???  We are officially a family of 12 ... 10 living in the house, 4 being canines.

We brought “Pebbles” home this morning.  No idea what came over us to get another dog, but we did and I think we are going to love him to death!

He’s been great with the other dogs and very sweet with the girls.  Taylor’s already ‘training’ him to sleep in a bed (for Piper) and the girls can’t keep their hands off him.

Wish us luck ... see photos here ...