loved + blessed = peace

Could I feel any more loved than I do right now?  Thank you SO much for all the calls, emails, support, prayers and concern!

My sister called earlier and I answered, "Grand Central Station, how can I help you?"  Okay, that's lame ... but Brigitte had just left after dropping by the sweetest, little, candy flower arrangement!  While she was here, I got a flower delivery and a phone call from the doctor's office.

My sister was so sweet to want to help me with the girls tonight, or whatever I needed, but I assured her I'm good and I'll let her know if I need something.  Thank you Buggie!

My cell phone, home phone and email have been going at 100mph ... I promise I'm not complaining!  I'm basking in the love.  Thank you, thank you!

Here's a couple photos, one of the edible arrangement Brigitte made and the other is a flower arrangement from Amy ... my fav's ... freesia!  Thank you both!

And I didn't realize, but my eye-sight is playing havoc with my photo taking abilities, as I look through the lens with my left eye.  I managed okay and took these, but it didn't come very naturally to work with my right eye.

I just got another beautiful flower arrangement from Heather, but I've put my camera away.  Thank you Heather ... I love them!!

And for a little update ... the IV treatment went well this morning.  Sort of bittersweet being there, as it reminded me of all the times I'd gone with Marta {to a different clinic though}.  Being hooked up to the IV, having it beep, needing them to come change the bag, etc.  Guess God was preparing me even then.

So that went well.  But I was in too much pain to go to work and wouldn't have been able to go all day without pain meds, so came home.  It's a good thing I did, as it's been a tad crazy.  {in a good way!}

The pain meds continue to help.  My vision is down to about 10ish percent {at least that's what it feels like ... I'll have a real test next week}, so I still can't see very well.

I have a new ophthalmologist who specializes in optic neuritis.  He and Dr. Purath know each other and I feel completely at ease that I am in good hands here on earth {heehee, couldn't resist!}.

I'll see him next week Tuesday for a slew of tests.  I'll also be staying on an oral steroid for 2 weeks following the IV treatments.  And then I'll see Dr. Purath on Thursday.

I'm feeling weird with the steroid {think 5 espresso shots straight into your veins} and pain pill combo.  The doc said to be prepared, and I quote, for "extreme hunger and also warn your husband of some crabbiness."  Hmmm ....

And um yeah ... about those photos I mentioned?  Blogger is having some issues posting images, so I'll post them later.  The kids are scheduled home any moment and I don't wanna be stressin' about adding photos to a post.  Feel me?  :)


heather said...

I'm so glad you are on the receiving end of all this love for once (you're usually dishing it out)...but I thought I told you to rest!! :-) Although I suppose the steroids and pain pill think otherwise??

Wishing you a fun (and peaceful) night and praying for more vision soon! And PLEASE lean on some of us...please!!!

Love you,

trisha said...

ditto what heather said. anyone of us would drop anything for you in a minute, please don't be shy in asking should you feel like taking a break from super mom :)
you sound like you're enjoying the meds & IV just a tad too much!!!!