struggling ...

But I won't let it get me down.

I love the verse I posted earlier.  I saw it on a blog yesterday, and glommed onto it as my own!  I had just posted it, when I get an email from a friend with that exact same verse!!!

Okay ... Nellie, I hope you don't mind me calling you out here, but in order to explain the story fully, I kinda need to ...

So Nellie came into my office today to go over some work and asked how I was doing.  Wrong question.  I'm having a down day.  Just getting discouraged.

My vision isn't any better and it's wearing on me.  I have about 10% vision in my left eye {I know I've said this before} and the vision I do have is blurred.  The fortunate thing is that I'm not getting headaches from it!

The pain level is definitely down.  About a four on that whole pain scale {who made that up anyway}.  A four says 'moderate pain,' but has the little bald guy sorta smiling.  Really?

I feel extreme pain when I look severely in any direction with my eyes only.  So I'm starting to compensate when I look in any certain direction.

Anyway, so today it's just got me kind of down.  I'm wondering when I'll get my vision back and am starting to worry about surgery, or whatever.  I don't have any clear answers right now, and won't until my appointment with the specialist on Tuesday afternoon.

So bad timing Nellie.  Or is it?  All I know is ... God works in wondrous ways!  I'm doing my very, very best not to fall under my situation.  I am trying to be a pillar of strength here.  And love the bible verse I posted to help me remember that.

So Nellie leaves my office after listening to my bit about being discouraged.  In the meantime, I posted the bible verse {for myself to remember}.  A few minutes later, Nellie sends me an email that starts out with that very same bible verse!!!

I didn't even read the rest of the note.  I walked over to her desk and asked, "Are you kidding me?"  I asked if she'd read my blog post, and of course she hadn't.  I explained it was the exact same verse.  We cooled our goosebumps and I went back to my desk and finished the rest of her very sweet and encouraging note.  {again, thank you Nellie ...}.

Anyway.  I just wanted to give an update with where I'm at.  I do have some worry in the back of my head.  But in the forefront, I have God {and friends}, telling me He has me in his hands.

I will live for today, and not worry about tomorrow.  For I know who holds my tomorrows.

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heather said...

That Nellie is a wise woman!! And God is one smart cookie (I know that's an understatement)...I'm so glad he sent Nellie when you needed her!!