another day of photos ...

We're having a great time.  Just what the doctor ordered ... I only wish we could stay forever.

Yesterday we took the boat over to a windless cove and spent a few hours playing in the water and sand.

Here are the girls on the way to the boat.

On the boat.

Piper ...

I love a good foot shot!  I only wish I had gotten the great shriveled up raisin feet shot on the way back ... couldn't, as I was holding a sleeping baby.

The girls start exploring immediately.

I tried to have the girls do the classic Me Ra 'fake laugh' that I recently learned ... I think we need more practice.

Piper exploring the water.

Wynter checking things out.

Hunter in her giant sand swimming pool {a dad standard on the beach scene}.

There's something about seeing jewelry on one of my girls, that makes me feel like they are growing up so fast.  Piper got this bracelet in Mexico and hasn't taken it off since.

And of course, the nap of the century.

Then some awesome lizard catching and training all afternoon.  Seriously.

The girls relaxing with their lizards and a freshly cut coconut snack.

The lizard seriously just hangs out.

An early morning walk with Hunter this morning.  The sun is finally out and we're going to head over to the beach again.

Trying to get a little sun flare ...

And this shot {sort of} reminds me of the 'breathing space' photos that Oprah features in O.  This is my ultimate breathing space.

Photographer friends ... I need some help!  First off, you know the exposure compensation scale inside the view finder?  Because of my bum-eye, I can't see it clearly ... so have been struggling with exposure.  Still happy to say that I haven't moved off manual though ... I'm stubborn!  :)

I'm using my old lens, which is the 'workhorse' as Me Ra calls it.  It's a Canon 24-70mm, 2.8, L series.

Okay, and the problem I'm having is ... I can't get my lens to stay focused on something, and then allow me to shift my camera to reframe.  Help!  It won't stay locked in for me.  There's also another setting {but someone did it for me on my old camera, so I don't know how to do it}, where I can use the little black scroller to change my focus points.

Thoughts anyone?

Alrighty then ... I'm logging off and heading to the beach.  Happy Sunday everyone!


chris said...

you should be able to press the focal point change button on the back, and then use the dial to change focus points.

Traci said...

I had that same problem in Chicago and talked with Brian about it. He had me hit the AF mode button. It will give you (on my rebel xti) three choices; one shot, AI focus, and AI servo. I had it on AI servo which will constantly change the focus as your subject moves. For instance a bride walking down an aisle or a child running toward you would be the right time to use AI servo.

What you want it to be on, in order to focus and then re-frame, is ONE SHOT.

This should solve your problem but if it doesn't then you're out of my league. I hope this is it though.

Good Luck!

Oh, and your pictures look fabulous for not being able to see your scale! I sure hope your eye is better soon!


Tiffany said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad to hear you are relaxing and at peace. Be well.