"you a pirate mom?"

That's what Hunter asked me this morning.  But not before Wynter looked up at me with a tilted head, one eye squinted shut, and said, "you don't look very good like that."

Thanks girls.

Situation?  Eye patch over my left eye.  Why?  I'm not 100 percent sure.  All I know is it started hurting Wednesday and by Thursday, when I started losing vision in it, I'm thinking something could be seriously wrong.

We got home late yesterday afternoon, and by night time, I was in so much pain and losing more vision that I went to the ER.

They numbed my eyes, gave me a pressure test ... everything okay.  Dilated one eye, found nothing.  Vision tests, again ... nothing.  CT scan, nothing.

I prayed that nothing would be wrong, so thank you God for answering my prayer.  Only thing is, what is wrong?  They gave me some pain meds and sent me on my way.

I had an appointment scheduled with an ophthalmologist this morning, so kept that appointment ... he too, found pretty much nothing.  I took a more in-depth vision test, so he could see exactly where my vision is 'lost.'  Turns out, I have no side vision.

He thinks it may be an inflamed nerve in the back of my eye.  When I move my eye {left one} in any direction, it hurts like crazy.  If I'm looking straight, it's just a dull pain, but when I move the eye, without moving my head ... like when you turn around to see if there's a car next to you or to back up ... or when one of your very rambunctious kids is spilling a glass of milk ... it hurts like crazy!

They're trying to schedule an MRI for Monday, so hopefully I'll know more then.  Better yet ... hopefully it'll be gone by then!

Eye-Eye maties!  :)

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