who took the cookie ...

From the cookie jar? Who me? Couldn't be.

Thanks mom and dad for the yummy cookie bouquet ... one of my weaknesses! Please no more cookies though ... I've got the roundest, most swollen face from these steroids. My eyes feel like little slits and I don't think cookies are helping my look!

One good thing ... with my skin stretching out, my complexion looks fabulous! If I do say so myself ... :)

And one last exciting bit of news ... my new camera finally arrived. It was a late Christmas present from hubby! Can't wait for my bum-eye to get better so I can dive into it.

I. can. not. believe it's still in the box. :(


heather said...

Those are some cute bears! :-)

And a gorgeous camera too!!

Amy Schaal said...

Those are so cute! That was a nice gift from Curt.

Cindy B. said...

Good complexion. Yes, see, there is always a silver lining :-)

Lisa Mahnke said...

Are you going to share those cookies? You will always be beautiful....


Traci said...

Sorry, can't comment on the cookies, although they are very nice. My brain can't get off the camera.


Oh my, you are ill. We will up the prayers around here. Even though I received a MacPro from my guy for Christmas, I am still envious of your gift.

Youza! It's cool!