randomness thursday

I got a whole lotta randomness floatin' around my head this morning!  First ... do you love this?  Does it evoke anything in you?  I love when a picture, or words speak to me.  This old man, this old woman ... holding hands ... laughing.  Will I have joy like this when I'm older?  More importantly, will I have joy like this with the man I love?

And ooooo how I do love the man I love!  He's been in Japan since last Friday.  The girls miss him and I miss him.  Isn't it funny {totally not haha funny}, how we miss them more and appreciate them more when they're gone?

I suppose the one good thing is that I get no computer time when he's gone!  The reason that's good, is that I have a love | hate relationship with my computer.  I love it to pieces ... but I hate that I love it so much!

Anyway, he gets home tonight and you better believe hugs and kisses will abound!  The man gets smothered by his women when he walks in the door after being away.  Hmmm, maybe that's why he leaves so frequently?  We seem to pay no attention to him when he's around ... :)

Okay, and I also wanted to give you an 'eye update.'  I had an appointment with my ophthalmologist on Tuesday.  I thought I'd have to have my eyes dilated, but didn't need to ... thank you Lord!  I have really come to hate having my eyes dilated!  My mom went with to drive, but with her broken wrist and all, I drove there and then was able to drive back.  And the bonus was some extra mommy | daughter time!

Okay so the update.

That man loves to talk about MS!  Oh my word!  I think if he were the only one treating me, he'd have me start a preventative care program.  So, I'm pretty glad he's not the only one treating me!

He gave me lots of interesting information though, and I'm thankful for that.  Seems with optic neuritis, some of the nerves in your eye die.  So I'll go back in three months for a test to see just how many have died off.  In patients with MS, those nerves continue to die.  At a very slow and unnoticeable rate, but they die nonetheless.

So what we'll do is repeat that test periodically throughout my life {?} to see if MS is developing.

Otherwise everything is progressing nicely.  My vision is slowly returning.  I'd say I have about 90% of it back.  It could take up to a couple more weeks or so.  The {very limited} research I've done says it could take up to 6 months to be fully restored.

My doc says it'll never be the way it was.  Even when it returns to 20/20, I'll always 'know' something is 'off' with my vision.  Sigh ...

Oh!  And a report from my neurologist ... she's going to have me do another MRI in 3 months.  And I'll be seeing her in a few weeks from now.  What I love about her is that she is way, super, overly cautious {she calls herself anal-retentive}, but she's not overly diagnostic.  And while she is happy with the Mayo report, she doesn't want to ignore the MRI's that were done here {Mayo didn't look at them}, and she doesn't want to ignore the fact that I have decreased sensation in my left side.

And while she is sure there is nothing to be concerned about {and I am at total peace with that}, she doesn't want to wait 12 months {Mayo's recommendation} to have me seen again.  I guess I'm in her court ... I'd definitely rather be overly cautious!

My chipmunk cheeks are finally getting back to normal!  Woo-hoo!  And the steroids have left my body and I'm feeling close to myself again!

Other randomness includes the fact that yesterday was my first day back at work in a few weeks.  I get this mixed bag while being there.  I love it, love what I created ... and at the same time ... I so want to be done!

To that end ... we have someone who {we've been told} is putting together an offer.  YAY!  Right?  And there are two other people who have expressed serious interest.  So if this offer falls through, the broker feels confident the others {or maybe they would anyways} will be putting offers together.  We'll see.

I took forever for me to 'give' this situation to God.  When I finally did ... three very interested candidates show up.  God is good ... all the time!

Well ... I gotta get my bootie off this computer ... we are going to be way late this morning!

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Sue said...

I love the picture too! Wouldn't it great if we can still hold hands, look lovingly into each other's eyes even if we are missing most of our teeth :)

Lots of good news coming out of your camp these days!! Woo hoo!!!