yet another update ...

I haven't posted a photo in a while, and text can get awfully boring!!  This pic is from our spring break last March in Exuma.  Taylor often 'complains' the little girls don't like her, and I love using this photo as proof, that when she is nice to them ... they love her tons!

The girls have off of school next Monday, so we're leaving this weekend for Exuma, and I absolutely can't wait!

Okay ... now for an update.  I can't see the screen very well, as my eyes are still a tad dilated.  And Taylor's waiting to watch a movie with me.  Well ... actually, I'm waiting for her to get out of the shower so we can watch a movie ... and decided to try to post a quick update.

I am not feeling any better in terms of the weakness, breathing, talking difficulties.  Yuck!  And thanks to research-extraordinaire, Tiffany ... I got some scary news on the side effects I've been having.  Seems my side effects fall under 'severe' and 'seek medical attention right away.'

The latest that happened today is a very tender scalp with sores on it.  Hurts to brush it and blah, blah, blah.

I did call my doctor, but he wasn't too concerned and said the steroids just really did a number and they should run their course out of my system.  Whatev's ...

I had the appointment with my ophthalmologist this afternoon.  He was awesome and Curt is impressed with his thoroughness as well.

Okay, so I have optic neuritis.  As I mentioned, one of the causes can be MS.  That's more likely if there is a lesion present on the brain.  We initially didn't think there was, but now have found a 'small white matter' on the brain.  With the migraines I've been having, I had an MRI done in September and that 'matter' wasn't there for that scan.

Back to the steroids ... I have to take an oral dose over the next nine days.  Given the side effects I'm experiencing, I could opt not to take the full dose.  But given my risk of MS, he thinks I should finished the planned treatment.  Um, yeah ... give me the script!

Plus, you figure 1000mg daily ... injected.  VS. 60mg daily ... orally.  I should be seeing some relief soon, right?

Tonight at my appointment, there was an awful lot of talk of MS and options, and meds and preventative meds and options, and injections, and ... my head is sort of spinning.

I have an appointment with my neurologist on Thursday ... and we'll figure out where to go from here.  I have complete faith in her {not to mention the Lord who put her in my path!}.

I was resting my head tonight as Curt was driving me home from my appointment ... thinking, swirling, reeling from all the information we just absorbed.  Freaking out a little?  Yeah ...

When one of my favorite songs came on, 'Everlasting God' from Chris Tomlin:

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord
We will wait upon the Lord
We will wait upon the Lord

Our God, You reign forever
Our hope, our Strong Deliverer
You are the everlasting God
The everlasting God
You do not faint
You won't grow weary

Our God, You reign forever
Our hope, our Strong Deliverer
You are the everlasting God
The everlasting God
You do not faint
You won't grow weary

You're the defender of the weak
You comfort those in need
You lift us up on wings like eagles


heather said...

exuma is the perfect place for you right now...warm, gorgeous everywhere you look and nothing to do but rest, rest, rest!!!

we are all praying for you to feel better soon (scratch that) NOW!!!

Love you,

Traci said...

I have shared what's happening with you with the rest of my family and you can count on us for prayer support. My little guy Kevin is an amazing prayer warrior and he will lift you up throughout each day and share his concern with his class. I know they'll pray as well.

You can count on the rest of us in our home as well!


Traci Smith
(Chicago trip)

Brigitte Short said...

You are in our thoughts, our hearts and in our prayers.

Tiffany said...

Ditto on everything! Rest in Exuma, relief and healing! I pray all of this for you. Think happy thoughts today and always! You are loved by so many!

Amy Schaal said...

Exuma will be a perfect getaway for you. You know you are in our prayers.