why are kids obsessed with nipples?

Yeah, you read that right.  I thought it was time I lightened things up here ... and frankly, that question's been on my mind!

So we're in a private house here, which means ... for lack of any other words ... we're 'hanging loose.'  I have this magnet that I love that says, {something like} "my favorite bra is a big comfy sweatshirt."  Amen, sisters?

So last night I'm holding Hunter and she's obsessed with my nipples.  And they love to say the word nipples, too, don't they?  And you try to play it all casual-no-big-deal-i'm-in-tune-with-my-body-and-daughter-saying-nipples ... but why does she have to touch them too?

Then there was the other morning.

Let me say, I've gained 10 pounds ... yes, ten pounds in a week from these steroids.  The other night my stomach was stretched beyond my comfort zone.  Honestly, the steroids have distended it.

Remember ladies, those beautifully stretched-out pregnant belly buttons?  Not so fun when you're not pregnant.

And here's my point.  So the other morning ...

Wynter and Piper are sitting in my bathroom as I'm getting ready to get into the shower.  So yeah ... they see me in all my glory.  And yeah ... they're looking at all my glory.

When Wynter asks, "Mom, do you have 3 nipples?"

Yeah ... it's like that.


heather said...

Well that doesn't help the confidence does it?

Don't worry!! You'll be back to normal in no time!! And gorgeous as ever (and remember we're always our harshest critic...give yourself a break)

Amy Schaal said...

Heather is right. You are beautiful. Nobody else notices those the claimed extra weight.

Those are some funny stories though.

Fiona said...

LOL. This reminded me of one of our discussions at home this week. Since Finnegan has recently discovered his 3-year-old boy parts (and is quite proud of them) and lives in a house with three women, I decided to have a little talk with the ladies about how we should make a point (unintended pun) of not making him feel self-conscious. Unfortunately, I didn't choose the best wording. "He's seems really happy about his boy parts," I said, "so let's not make him feel weird. We need to try and celebrate the fact he has a penis." As the girls rolled their eyes, Finnegan sauntered in and caught the end of the conversation. "Sell-wub-rate my peeenis? We're gonna have a party for my peeenis? Yay! Yay! Yay!" Now I have to figure out how to break it to him that no, we are not actually going to get his penis a cake and ice cream. Sigh.

Traci said...

My three year old is also obsessed with them and she DOES love saying, "mipples". She now goes around patting my chest while telling people what these things are for, "Baby dwink fum these. Baby suck mipples. Wite Momma?"

"Right, Baby."