update from mayo

Howdy!  I'm back in the hotel room between appointments and thought I'd post a quick update.

Just routine stuff today and a meeting with my doctor up here, who I love!  Only thing that came back odd so far is my white blood cell counts are highly elevated.  Could mean an infection somewhere, or just a reaction to the steroids.

She can hear the trouble I'm having in my lungs, breathing and talking ... so ordered a chest xray.  I won't have those results for a while, but my lungs sounded clear in the exam so she was encouraged by that.  This is all a result of the steroid effect.

And the bad news there, is that I'm on my 'taper off' starting today and should've been done taking them tomorrow.  But she thinks that's way too rapid a taper and my body could go into further shock and not work on producing it's own steroid.  So it seems the bad news is I may be on the oral dose a while longer.


I have an appointment soon with an ophthalmologist and will be done for the day.  Tomorrow I have a followup appointment with my doc and then the appointment with the MS specialist early afternoon.

Any good news here?  You bet!  I'm super excited to be heading to the lake tomorrow afternoon when we leave here for some much needed 'girlfriend' time!


Anonymous said...

Great news so far! I have faith your MS tests will come out negative! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.

Love Lisa

Amy Schaal said...

Thanks so much for the update. You have been in my prayers all day. Can't wait until tomorrow...jammies and Mad-Gab, here we come.

Sue said...

Amazing women weekend here we come!

Prayers are on the way for you Tracie!!


terrie maki said...

am thinking about you...