hunter's surgery

Poor little huntie needed surgery again.  First one was in April to get tubes in both ears and a dermoid cyst removed from her brow.

All went well with that surgery but she’s still sick all the time.  Basically, if she’s not on antibiotics, she’s sick.

I woke Hunter at 5:15ish this morning and put her right in the car in her p.j.’s.  Curt is traveling, so Taylor slept in my bed for when Piper & Wynter woke.  Granny was coming over a little later in the morning to take them to school.

So it was recommended to remove her adenoids.  We had that done this morning (they also replaced one ear tube).

She was so cute (sad to say) in her little hospital gown.  She stayed pretty drugged up for a while, but when she came to, she tried with all her might to get the tubes and cords off of her!

She’s sleepy, but recovering well ...


otter creek

What a weekend!  We took the girls out of school on Thursday and Friday and drove to Wheeler, Wisconsin for a 3-day horse event that Taylor was competing in.  Granny came along for moral support and to help with the girls.

Taylor did an awesome job, and I couldn’t be prouder!  You can read all about it on the Racine County Pony Club website ...

The weekend required a lot of patience from the girls.  The weather was icky ... cold in the mornings.  The hotel wasn’t the greatest ... I know the girls are getting too comfortable, expecting luxury accommodations when we walk into a room and Piper looks around and says, “This is it?  This is small!”  Lord help me!

Click here for more photos of the event.