up early

One more day of steroids!!  It's really starting to take a toll on my system.  I feel like I've run a marathon {or at least how I feel after I've run a mile outside in the cold} ... my lungs just can't seem to get enough air and burn when I breathe.

I couldn't sleep well last night and was up early.  Big ol' bags under my eyes as proof ... really pretty!

The awesomely, good news is ... my fireplace is working and I love it.  I have a sofa in front of it, and sit there in the morning saying my prayers.  This morning, being 4 am and all, I had nothing better to do and thought I'd take a photo to share with y'all.

Downside?  Poppin' 4 am fire not conducive to sleeping baby {that'd be Hunter for those of you wondering who the 'baby' is} right next door in the nursery!


heather said...

Those steroids are a lot to take! But at least you have an awesome place to hang out when you can't sleep!! Looks so cozy!!!!

Tiffany said...

I can feel the warmth just looking at it! Do you have a stash of smores fixins in your office? I would if I were you!

heather said...

Oooh that's an awesome idea Tiffany! I like how you think!!