awesome mom move ...

With all the eye drama, I'm way behind on posting this, but it was just too good not to share ...

I don't know if this photo will quite do it justice ... but here goes.  I took the girls baths the day we left for vacation, which was Friday.

I must tell you I am a stickler for baths.  Every other night, pretty much like clock-work.  Curt thinks I'm nuts.  Is that too often?  How often do you take your kids baths?

See, the thing is ... I have this habit of not combing their hair.  Our favorite thing is 'messy pony tails' ... which basically means they aren't tortured by my apparently neglectful hands when it comes to brushing.  And I in turn, am not tortured by the screams of children with much too sensitive little scalps!

Are you reading that as, we really are one huge mad house in the morning and therefore just don't have time to have pretty hairstyles when we leave the house?

Anyway, so I'm a stickler for baths, but basically because we have rats nests on our children's head!

Okay so ... I really have been rambling lately, haven't I?  Back to baths on the day we left for vaca.

I went against my rule and took the girls only one other bath during vacation.  Hunter had a fit and absolutely did not want to bathe with the girls.  I succumbed and back to Max & Ruby for her, while Piper and Wynter had fun in the shower.

Yeah, that was the only time I ended up showering them, which meant Hunter never got a bath while on vacation.  We got home Friday {a week later} and I took them baths before bed.

While shampooing Hunter's hair, I found the above {refer to photo} tangled up in her mess of a messy pony tail.  YIKES, right?

And to really nominate myself for mom-of-the-year award ... imagine my surprise when I unpacked the girls when we got to Mexico and realized I had packed the baby {that'd be Hunter for those of you who are wondering 'what baby?'} only two shirts.  Two!  For a week's vacation.  And I also forgot to pack diaper wipes.

Sigh ...


Amy Schaal said...

That is hilarious. We all have those moments, Trac, you know the stories. She bathed in the ocean, right? You know that. Oh, and I just moved to every-other night bathing; prior to that, it was every night.

Tiffany said...

What is it? It doesn't look like it is or was alive, so I think you're OK! I agree with Amy, as long as she was in some sort of water (pool or ocean), it counts as bathing. And every other night is great! I try to keep that schedule, but it doesn't always work out that way. Lilah is finally brushing her own hair in the morning, so that I don't have to deal with tears in the morning. It is NOT fun brushing with screams, so I can sympathize with you on that.