and the doctor says ...

We just got back from the appointment with my neurologist.  We were feeling very relieved, as she thinks the 'ditzel' on my MRI is just that ... a ditzel {definition for ditzel anyone?}.  And that the optic neuritis is an isolated case for now.

Given everything, I should have another MRI {with contrast} done, but with all the steroids they've just pumped into me ... my insides are basically sterile {good thing I'm not in the baby market!} and any living infection, cell, matter, dust bunny, or hearsay has been killed.

She went over the scans with us ... we felt great with her recommendation and agreed to have another MRI done in about threeish months when the steroids are out of my system.

Speaking of the steroids ... she can not believe I wasn't admitted to the hospital given my reactions.  Really?!?  Cuz I was screaming out for help here.  I have no other way to describe what happened than that my insides were absolutely rotted out.

I've gotten some strength back in my voice and now the only way I can describe what is happening, is that I'm now coughing up all of the stuff that was killed off inside me.  I am feeling better and a bit stronger, and that is great news!!  I should continue on this path.

As for my vision, it hasn't come back yet.  The ophthalmologist said it could take 2-4 more weeks for vision recovery.  Curt was freaked out looking at one of my vision tests and seeing {little pun there ...} how I absolutely can't see out of my left eye.

Funny what you take for granted ...

Okay, back to my appointment today.  So we're all set to walk away and schedule another MRI and go from there.  No worries.

'Til she does an examine.  I was scared.  First she had me do a simple 'touch your finger to your nose' test.  I felt my hesitancy.  I made it ... but it was slow.  She had me do it again.  No problems on the right side.  The left, painfully uncoordinated.

Then she had me put my forefingers and thumbs together {each hand separately, form a circle} and tap them in rapid succession.  My left was much slower than my right.

Then she took a stick and poked me.  Right side?  "Ouch"  Left side?  Barely feel it.

So she's done and sits across from me.  "I'm really concerned," she says.

Curt and I are headed to Mayo next week for routine physicals.  Timing, huh?  Anyway, she knew we were headed up there and that we had planned to have a neurologist look at my scans to give us another opinion.  She thought it was a great idea, as second opinions are always good to have ... but now she's very interested ... and concerned.

Did I mention, she's a pillar-of-strength, every-thing's-okay, don't-be-overly-worried, no-need-to-freak-out-unless-I-freak-out kind of doctor?

And now she's concerned ...

She wants me to see a neurologist that specializes in MS.

And that's where I'm at right now.  As you know, I pretty much dig typing on this blog ... so I'll be sure to keep you updated when I find out more information.

Right now, I'm off to finish packing up some kids for a vaca down south ... must remember baby wipes!

And Traci?  Big kick out of your comment!  You understand don't you?  If that thing is still in the box ... you know I'm sick!  :)


Tiffany said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better, but cannot believe what is happening. As always I will be thinking about you and praying for you. I hope that you have a much needed and deserved, relaxing weekend with your family. Be well my friend!

terrie said...

glad you are focusing on peace, lets see what they have to say at Mayo
can't wait to catch up with you on everything.