daddy's home!

I may have mentioned it once or twice, but I love my husband{!} and thought it was worth sharing again.

We miss him so much when he's gone.  I never seem to quite realize how we function as a complete unit when he's here, and I always realize how much I take for granted when he's gone.

He was in Japan last week and it seems even harder when he's that far away.  His waking hours are completely different than ours, so phone time is limited.

He sent some sweet texts on his way home that I wanted to share ...

7:55 pm - on plane and leaving now; love you call u when I get in
8:07 pm - good night lover ... see u soon
8:30 pm - do we have time for our dinner?
8:48 pm - plane an hour late leaving ...
9:15 pm - hope baby is creamed and soft!!  {i feel this needs explanation ...}
9:32 pm - on plane now.  late ...

I didn't get these until much later, but just thought his random stream of thoughts was so sweet.  Okay, and let me explain ... he is a freak about our children!  The baby's {see!  he calls her a baby too!!} skin gets super dry in the winter and he freaks out about it.  He's constantly slathering her down with lotion.

It's just one of the reasons I love him so much.  Yeah, I get a bit irritated when he's here about some of his freaky, little quirks {or maybe the intenseness of them} ... but when he's gone, it causes me to step back and really appreciate him.

So he finally gets home and just like I predicted ... we smothered him!!  And he loved every minute.

He brought all kinds of little goodies for the girls ... but when he busted out the purses and the little treasures to put inside of them ... I had to get out the camera.  It just melted my heart that a man would get his girlies purses and think to buy treasures to put inside.

I love my husband.  A lot.

And for any photogs that are reading ... I thought I'd share my camera settings and see if you had any thoughts?

So it's my new camera.  I don't normally shoot with a flash if I don't have to, but this lighting was super low, and I just wasn't getting what I wanted.  I decided to try my flash, but my camera wasn't reading it.  :(  Guess I need to do some studying up on that.

I was at 1250 ISO, f /2.8, and if you can believe {well, maybe you can from the blurriness} 1/5 shutter speed.  The color version was even crazier, so I changed to black & white.


cplamann said...

your family is so sweet :) i see so many different family dynamics every day and yours is just wonderful.

which flash do you have? try putting the flash on and aiming it straight up so it bounces of the ceiling. that's what i do when i want to get a whole room. you can also bounce it off a nearby wall but that gets trickier. feel free to stop in with your gear and i can see if i can get it working for you!

tracie said...

thanks christine!! i have a 580EXII ... the problem i'm having {since the camera is new to me}, is getting the camera and flash to read each other. the flash wouldn't even work. just flashing a bunch of information, but wouldn't let me get to any settings. i do realize i could read the manual, but i was in a hurry! :)

i just may have to stop by ... thanks a million for the offer! you may never get rid of me! :)

Gretchen said...

What about bumping up the ISO with that fancy camera?? And if you do get the flash and the camera communicating-remember what Me Ra said she does-she has the flash aimed backwards. You have a great husband!

Traci said...

Purses and things to put in them? Really?! My husband is truly one of the best but I don't think he would ever think of purses. I'm overly impressed.

Good job picking your man, Tracie!