a day with my baby

The past couple of weeks, I've been dragging Hunter on errands instead of finding something fun for us to do together.  So yesterday, we took a trip to the Mitchell Park Domes.  Fun! Warm!  And pretty inexpensive!

Does anyone know how much my children love their nukies?  I promise Hunter's the only one left with one, but I have to admit ... even now, when the older girls are having a hard time with something {crying or whining}, I so want to stick a nuk in their mouths!

In the photo above, Hunter 'stole' a nuk out of the diaper bag, and quickly turned around to look at the flowers ... all while covering her mouth to hide her nuk.  I tend to be a little more lenient with the whole pacifying thing ... but daddy, not on board so much.  So this hand-over-the-mouth maneuver is what she does when she hears dad coming.

I think it's kinda cute.  I also think I want my baby to stay a baby a while longer.  Is that so wrong?  We just potty trained her and the nuk will be next to go ... I promise!

And I love this next photo.  She was being such a fun 'subject' for me today!  There were a series of photos I took where she's laying down on the bench with her head in her hands ... I had her nuk sitting at the front of the bench and told her she could have it if she let me take a few photos.  She patiently posed while her nuk patiently waited.

Then she made a beeline for it!

Have I mentioned I'm a stroller freak?  I actually posted about it once here.  I don't know what I'll do when my baby outgrows her stroller.  I don't think I could actually part with any of my strollers, so I may need to start borrowing babies?

This may be one of the last photos I take of one of my children in a stroller ... oh, but I hope not!  {and yeah, if you look closely, she has two nukies}

And lastly, a little collage of our day.  Hunter is a treasure to be with and she's so good!  She patiently let me take photos ... she even did Me Ra's 'fake laugh' for me!

I love you baby ...


Anonymous said...

Precious! Keep her a "baby" as long as you can!!!!!!

Traci said...

Love, love, love the great pic of her crawling toward her nuk. Great capture!

Lisa Mahnke said...

Keep her little, til her carter's wear out! That was a commercial, in case you don't remember.

I would too try to keep her a baby as long as possible!

Lisa Mahnke

Tiffany said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Keep them little as long as you can and that includes the "binkies" (as we call them) or "Ahhhs" (as Zach would call them.) I guess that is the way they make him feel "Ahhhhhhhhhh". Hey, maybe I need one of those!Love the photos!

JMS said...

I love these! My baby's 7 mos and starting to turn into a person. It's so bittersweet. Also love the collage...how do you do that? Don't tell me it's really easy on your mac?!