new photos & some randomness

Happy Sunday lovelies!

I've finally finished weeding through our recent Exuma photos ... I tried to narrow them down, as not to bore you! :) You can find them here. It was the first time I busted out my new camera and I had a great time with it ... bum-eye and all. Thank you again Curt, for such an awesome present!

So ... we're in Arizona for the petrified rock show. Gems, stones, geodes, crystals. It's absolutely amazing ... not only the the beauty of the stones, but just the sheer magnitude of the 'show.' It's set up all over the city, in different warehouses and hotels. You literally walk through the hotels and peoples rooms are converted to 'stores.' The show runs for three weeks, so these people are sleeping in their hotel rooms and living out of their suitcases for that long. And the rest of the year, for a lot of them, is spent digging and excavating for these stones ... amazing!

On a down note ... the dino poop is sold out. Such disappointment! Never fear though ... we've placed an order for some, and hope to have it in a few weeks. Just not the same as coming home with a bag of petrified poop!

Curt's mom comes out here every year. And since our girls love going to her house and coming home with petrified treasures, we decided to come along this year. His brother and sister are here as well, with a couple of their kids ... so the girls are having a blast playing with their cousins.

We'll be headed home this afternoon ... probably a good thing as all three girls are pretty sick. Poor Huntie threw up most of the plane ride here, and then again in the car to the hotel and we just can't seem to get her fever to go away. Wynter's nose has been bleeding on and off and she's just plain sick and now Piper has started with her awful cough again. Yuck!

Lastly, just wanted to ask for prayers for me. I have my appointment with the MS specialist at 8:00 tomorrow morning. I have an unbelievable amount of peace surrounding the situation ... mostly I'm just anxious to find an answer. Thank you, thank you for the prayers you've already surrounded me with!

God's blessings to you all!


Lisa Mahnke said...

Kids, pictures - never boring. Definitely praying for some answers tomorrow and no MS.

Let's do lunch soon!

Marta said...

Prayers are coming your way for a safe journey home, healthy kids, no MS, and total health restored. Keep that peace! Love you.