what does a sick day look like?

The ladies in our house all have strep ... mama included!  Curt got home last night and is pretty sick too ... not sure strep has got him yet.

Then Taylor texted mid-day to say that she visited the nurse and has strep too. Unfortunately, the baby was sleeping and I couldn't go get poor Tay.  She said she'd stick it out and I called for meds.

Yesterday, I woke with a sore throat and hoped against all hope that it wouldn't turn into more.  But it did {self-diagnosis, but still ...}.  My glands are so swollen, I look like Mr. Thick Neck.  And they hurt.  And my throat hurts.  And my body aches all over.  And I have a fever.  And I have a headache.  And I don't want to go to work today.  But I have to.


The three little girls were home with me yesterday and we had a pretty nice time.  Besides the fact I could've fallen asleep in the middle of lunch!

And why is it when kids are sick they still ooze energy from every pore?  Not fair.

The girls and I worked on goodie bags for their class parties tomorrow {of which they'll miss because we're heading out of town}.  We had a great little production line going, and even the baby helped.  We packed up some 45 favor bags ... whew!

One of the 'goodies' was a miniature connect four game.  So Piper and I played a quick game between filling bags.  I get all my favor bag stuff from Oriental Trading ... super inexpensive and they have everything under the sun!

Before lunch we went outside for some fresh air ... it was gorgeous out!

And lastly, we did do this!  I should admit ... I did it, but the girls seemed impressed with my creative abilities ... okay, so really they were sitting on the couch and could've cared less what I was creating ... but Curt seemed impressed {honest}.

I told the girls we were going to make an apple pie for dad and showed them the cute little boxes and thought they'd be all over the project.  I was wrong.

Piper:  But dad doesn't like apple pie.
Mom:  He doesn't?
Piper:  No one in our family likes apple pie.
Mom:  Really?
Piper:  Do you?
Mom:  No.
Piper:  See? No one in our family likes apple pie.

I sure hope the girls teachers like apple pie, cuz they've got some coming their way.  Didn't these turn out cute?


Traci said...

Streps a bummer!

You have officially put me to shame. You are one of "those moms". One of the cool Moms who put together the cute goodie bags for parties at school. You did all of that and your kids won't even be there!? And apple pie that you don't even like?! Wow! That's impressive and makes me feel bad about myself. ;-)

Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy your trip.


Amy Schaal said...

What's up supermom? Last I knew, people with strep sat in bed all day and watched movies.

trisha said...

is it a fair assumption to say that you're a very productive sick family? and i wouldn't turn down a goodie bag if one came my way :) i think not taking them to the doctor but spending quality time while in sick bay is a much better exchange!!! you rock the casbah sis :>

tracie said...

you crack me up sis!