winner, winner ... chicken dinner!

Have you heard that before? I hadn't til I saw the movie '21' ... have you seen it? Not a bad flick. It about Vegas and card dealing. And apparently "winner, winner, chicken dinner" is a standard saying in Vegas.

That, of course, is according to the movie. As I've been there a few times and have done my share of gambling and have never heard the words uttered.

But for some reason, whenever I'm announcing a winner {cuz I do it a lot you know!} ... those words instantly come to mind.

Oh! And it sounds even better if you say it with a bit of a chinese accent. "Wiener, wiener ... cheeken deener ..."

{I know you just said it ...}

So who's the winner of my fabulous giveaway? Why it's none other than the amazing, incredible, fun-loving, splits-doing, hip-replacing ... Lisa Mahnke! YAY Lisa!

I used random.org to pick a 'wiener' ... why didn't I know about this site before?

Thanks everyone for 'playing' ... I'm thinking I may need to have another giveaway ... that was fun, no?

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Amy Schaal said...

Congrats to Lisa, and Happy Birthday!