valentine prayer needed ...

My sweet friend Lori, is struggling and I'd like to ask for prayer for her. It hurts me so much to know she's in so much pain and to realize what her family is going through.

I urge you, beg you really ... please pray for this family. You can visit her site here to see what specific prayer is needed ... but for sure they need to be surrounded in prayer.

Hug your family tighter, let the little things go ... most of what we are 'dealing' with could be so much more. Speaking for myself here as I realized this just moments ago when I got Lori's latest update.

I apologized to my husband, gave him a big hug, had a little cry ... and will count my blessings. I will name them one by one.

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Amy Schaal said...

Thank you for sharing this. I squeezed my family a bit tighter tonight and they will be in my prayers.