celebrating the holidays

Because we were out of town, I was late on the whole valentine thing this year. Actually, I'm going to give myself a bit of kudos action ... because I've actually had the girls valentine's gifts since early January {I know, right?}.

I got the cute little dolls from Chasing Fireflies {can't find the product anymore, but my-oh-my there is some serious eye candy going on at that website!}, and the baskets I use every year {thank you Pottery Barn Kids}. I also found some cute little trinkets at PBK that I added to their baskets.


After we got home from Aspen and I got their baskets together, they looked so cute all lined up that I needed to take a photo and felt the urge to share. :)

And since I was sharing ... I was reminded that I had taken a photo of their St. Nick's gifts and forgot to share!

I decided to start a tradition, and although they may be too young to appreciate it now ... I really like the idea! They each got a 'date' with mom & dad. We gave them gift cards to their favorite restaurant and toy store. Miss teenager got a gift card to the mall.

I'd like to try to start more traditions and things that the girls can 'count' on and look forward to. We haven't taken them on their dates yet ... but with spring right around the corner {dream with me, will ya?} ... I'm thinking we're going to get those on the schedule soon!

I think one-on-one time with children is so important. Don't you?


Lisa Mahnke said...

Great idea!

Traci said...

We used to be so good at individual dates. The kids have good memories of them. With more kiddos in the house we have become lax.

Thanks for the great reminder!


Amy Schaal said...

So cute!