tuesday randomness

Alrighty ... so dad's out of town.  What does that mean?  Sumin's going down, that's what it means.

Piper, Wynter and Hunter all have strep throat!  What the heck?  And then I couldn't even take them to the doctor, so an awesome case of 'mom-of-the-year' guilties set in.

Tay had her modeling class in Brookfield and there was no way I could do both.  And Curt was traveling.  What's a family to do?  'Super Granny' {my mom} to the rescue ... fractured wrist and all!  Thanks again mama for taking them ...

Today, Hunter and I had lunch scheduled with my bestie and now we're all home sick.  I think it'll be a great day to work on valentine's cards, goodie bags {how did I get signed up for both girls valentine's parties?!?}, and I might be stretching here ... but maybe we can even work on this!

And for some more randomness ... I'm not sure I posted about the birthday party Curt threw for me back at home {I know I gushed all over the Mexico party}?  Anyway, I've got the photos from the party up here {thank you Neil & Front Room Photography}.

The party was a blast and I sure was spoiled!  We had a bowling party, dinner and then rented a theater for a movie.  Curt had the video he put together for me play before the actual movie ... all our friends were there ... it was an awesome night ... and I am blessed.

Now off to tend to some sick kiddos!

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Tiffany said...

Ugh!!! Can't believe they are all sick! Great pics of the party! You look pretty mysterious in your "40" glasses, kinda like Cat Woman or sumthin'! You're a hotty mama! Hope you get some sleep tonight. If you need a hand.....don't be shy (or stubborn)!