monday randomness

Look what I just ordered!!  Do you 'Etsy?'  If not, you totally should!!  I get emails from them on featured products and this camera was featured yesterday.  I'm too excited.

A few years ago, my brother-in-law found an old vintage camera and thought I would be the perfect owner of it ... I've had it up on my shelf since then.  And for my last birthday, Heather gave me another vintage camera {awesome Etsy find}.  So when I saw this one I thought ... I'm going to start a little vintage camera collection!  Can't wait to get it!

Lastly, I wanted to share a little hubby humor ... I think you ladies will appreciate this:

So ... after my last appointment with my neurologist, I called Curt to tell him about my appointment {after all, wouldn't he be anxious to know how it went?}.  First, I asked him how things went with the girls in the morning {he was on drop off duty}, and we talked about that for a bit.  Then before I knew it, we were hanging up.

I called back and told him I called to tell him about my appointment.  "Oh yeah," he says, "I was going to ask."  Hmmm.

I mist up a little and tell him about touching my cheek instead of my nose.  And then ... get ready for this ...

"Were you trying?" he asks.  WHAT?!?  Um, yeah ... I promise I was trying my hardest to touch my nose!  I think he sensed a bit of frustration on my end, so he tries again.

"I mean were you being cautious," he says.  Hubby just dug a hole that he's trying hard to get out of.

I cautiously end our conversation.  {and then probably asked God to forgive me for all the horrible things I just thought about the poor man I married!}

But that's not the end ...

A couple days later, he's asking about my appointment this week {today}, and asks, "Have you been practicing?"



LobotoME said...

oh my lord! that story just made me almot fall out of my chair laughing...my dad did something similiar to my mom - when she had her surgery to have the cancerous kidney removed this summer, he was bringing her home for the hospital and the nurse came in w/ the wheelchair and he said, she doesn't need that! my mom, was like, YES I DO! I am in pain, I'm not being a wuss!!! MEN!?!?! :)

Amy Schaal said...

That's hilarious! Love the camera. It's so cool.

Lisa Mahnke said...

Crack me up! Sounds like something a man would say! They just don't get it! But we love em anyways...

Sue said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning. Oh, Curtie...:)

I have my prayers out to you this morning. I'm hoping for the best!

Traci said...

Praying from OH to God for YOU!

MEN!! It's so hard when they're clueless. Mine had a clueless moment yesterday and I spent a few hours trying to focus on the fact that when I'm clueless he never brings it to my attention. But it's so hard not to be mad.

Your Curt may be sporting a great big case of DENIAL and let's pray he has every reason to.