sigh ...

Seems like it's been a long day.  Well ... I guess ... cuz it has been a long day.

We just got in from a retirement party for a great man that Curt worked with.  The company surprised him by flying his children in to be there tonight ... so amazing!  I love this man and it was so incredible to hear the wonderful things everyone had to say about him.  He definitely deserved it!

His children got up and spoke and I loved something they said, that they only knew him as dad.  He came home and was just dad.  Didn't bring business home, didn't seem 'busy' ... he was just dad.  What an accomplishment in my view.

We were going to be leaving mid-day tomorrow for Aspen, but with some weather moving in, we need to leave in the morning.  I have no one packed and much to do.  I had tried to get ahead of the game and started making a pile of their snowsuits, boots, helmets ... but it all got put away.  Blagh!


I'm about to join the hubs in bed and am going to put any stresses behind me {wish me luck with that?}.  ;)


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LobotoME said...

you guys are WORLD travelers! :) Next year, come to Telluride and we'll meet you there! :)

safe travels ~

jenny :)