new development ...

I'm struggling a bit with posting this ... evident by the fact that I'm sitting here with only that written for the last five minutes and I don't know what else to write.

I have a new 'symptom' if you will.  I don't want to be all dramatic about it, and it could possibly be nothing.  I haven't said anything to anyone about it and hoped it would just go away.

But this morning, I mentioned it to Nellie ... she has a friend with MS, so I was asking her some questions trying to get more info on what kind of 'symptoms' MS patients have.  And then I told her what I've been experiencing for the last week or so.

My hands just get really shaky, especially if I'm nervous or excited about something.  She did a bit of research and found an article about MS related tremors.

I decided to contact my doctor about my latest development and she moved my appointment up 3 weeks and I'll be seeing her early this Thursday morning.  She also contacted an MS specialist at Frodert and I'll be seeing them as well.  She just really wants to make sure everything is okay.

The reason I'm struggling with posting this ... I don't want to seem all dramatic about it.  It really could be nothing.  I'm exhausted ... with a capital E!!  Could have something to do with that, could just be too much caffeine.

Ultimately, I decided to post because I'd like to ask for prayer.  Prayer for continued peace, prayer that the tremors are from too much caffeine, prayer that the Lord covers me with his healing power, prayer that my vision returns fully {and quickly while we're at it!}.

I'll keep you posted ...


LobotoME said...

hi tracie - so sorry these weird symptoms keep appearing...i'm glad that you are being pro-active and following up with your docs in an attempt to get to the bottom of it. in the meantime i will continue to {manifest}good health for you...

take good care -

Amy Schaal said...


I will continue to pray for you. Stay strong. Thanks for letting us know.

Tiffany said...

Please don't ever feel like you are being "dramatic" about the way you feel. I am glad to hear that you decided to tell someone and that they will be checking it out. Being proactive about your health is so important. Think happy thoughts! We are all here for you. I love you, my friend.

Sue said...


Thanks for letting your friends and blog readers know. I'm sending big prayers your way and praying it's just a case of too much caffeine.


Traci said...

Praying at our house.

Rachel and Greg said...

Tracie -
My mom was diagnosed with progressive MS nearly 22 years ago. She's still a productive and inspiring woman. (You'll meet her at the wedding!) "don't fear the reaper", as they say.
Besides, exhaustion does crazy things to our bodies. (as does caffiene!)

That said, I'll be sending good vibes your way.