another session delivered

I'm happy to say that the Behrend family has their photos in hand!  This was a great opportunity for me.  As I posted earlier ... it was a challenging shoot, in that, the lighting was bad, the kids weren't completely cooperative and we had the family pet to be included in the shots.

I was happy when I saw we got one good shot.  The rest are all fun, but here's the shot most family's want to see ... everyone looking at the camera, smiling.

It was also fun to post-process these, and to see where I needed to turn some into black and white, or sepia.  Because the lighting was so dark, there was a lot of grain in the photos and turning them into b&w, helps hide some of that and makes for a better image.

You can view the images here on my website.  I've also set up an account with an online photo management company.  You can purchase photos or albums directly from the site.  It's something new I'm trying out.  You can view this session here.  {If the link doesn't work, you may need to register (free) to view, and then search Behrend Family}. 

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