uh-oh ...

Hey Pipes, what's going on?  Who're you talking to?
What?!  Wynter is locked in the bathroom?!
Um, yeah ... good times at the Stier-Johnson house.  Never a dull moment ...
Piper is an amazing sister.  She cares for and takes care of her little sisters so amazingly.  Wynter did, in fact get trapped in the bathroom {toilet room} the other night.  Take a look at the door handle in the second photo.  They were installed wrong, and poor Wyntie was the victim.

Piper kept telling her, "I'm here Wynt, can you feel my hand?  I'm right here."

Unfortunately, I had to leave for an event at work, so left this little project in the capable hands of Odinn and Curt.  Masters of the screwdriver they are and Wynter escaped unharmed.

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