prayer request

Here I am ... up to my knees in tears over trying to decide what's best for the store {long story ...} and I get a prayer request for my dear friend Lori.  Puts things into perspective real fast, doesn't it?

This is my friend Lori.  I've asked for prayer for her before and I'm at it again ... she's being admitted to the ICU at St. Luke's for fluid around her heart.  She's been having trouble breathing ...

As you can imagine, the last place she wants to be right before Christmas is the ICU.  She's the mommy to 4 young children and wants to be with them now more than ever.

Please pray that the procedure goes well.  A quick recovery.  Home before Christmas.  And a Christmas miracle to heal her of her cancer.

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heather said...

Have you heard anything about how Lori's procedure went?