"who threw up last night?"

That's what Taylor asked me this morning on our way to church.

"Wynter.  How'd you know?" I replied.

"The bowl in your bed."

Yeah, that's my MO ... when the kids are sick {and old enough to aim}, I give them a bowl and send them back to bed.  So it was this morning {5:30am} with Wynter.

Piper comes running into my room, yelling that Wynter threw up.  I'm out of bed in a flash, but stumbling all over the place.  And come on!  It's Sunday ... I planned to go to the late service, and sleep in at least until 6:30!

So I'm out in the family room and there's Wynter standing above a pile of puke about to do it again.  My eyes are barely functioning, so I sort of stand there, rub her back and just let her go at it.  After all ... dad's the master-of-puke-pee-poo-cleanerupper!

Then I give her a bowl and send them both back to bed.  Mother of the year award?  :)

When she wakes up, I have her come into my bed and I make sure she brings her bowl with her.  I'm happy to report no more incidences {knock on wood!}.

The last couple of nights have been rough.  Piper's throat is so sore, she can barely talk.  Not in a losing your voice, kind of way.  But in the 'my throat's closing in on me, I can't talk' kind of way.

Hunter has been up a minimum of 3 times each night.  I think it was 4 on Friday night.  I did my best 'I'm sleeping so soundly, I can't hear her' impression and got out of a couple of them!

And yeah, Wynt's been complaining of a stomach ache since Thanksgiving {honest!}.  Problem is, sometimes I don't know if it's real or not with her.  Like when Piper can't talk, Wynter does her best 'I can't talk' impression.  Or when Piper came home from school early a few weeks ago, because she had a fever ... Wynter asked on the car ride home, "what's the worse thing you can have ... a fever?"

Anyway ... when the baby woke up this morning, I put her in my bed {so she could catch what Wynter had}, and as I tucked her in ... I wanted to savor every moment, every sight.  All cuddled in with her plethora of nukies and her little stuffed animal.

We tuck them into our bed every morning to watch TV while we get ready for the day.  I know the day is coming when they aren't going to be doing that anymore.  Tay used to climb into our bed too ... and now she's too busy showering her mornings away!

On to another matter.  I've been praying {literally} and praying about the 'busyness' of my life.  I'm a slow, slow learner ... but I finally gave it to God.  Here God, take it.  Take my busyness ... wash it, dry it, iron it ... and give it back to me all pressed, cleaned and most importantly ... organized.

And guess what?  He did!

I have gotten so much done, and really without doing anything at all.  Somehow the weight is lifted.  Somehow I feel extremely organized.  And please, if I steer out of control again ... slap me!

Anyway ... we had a lounging kind of day today ... what, with everyone being sick and all.  I got a bit of things done while the baby napped and the girls watched TV.  Then we had a fire and movie afternoon while I addressed Christmas cards.  And then ...

This is actually the reason for my post ...

We had a game night tonight!  Woo-hoo!  We ordered in pizza, ate on the floor and played games.  That might not sound like rocket science.  But here's the thing ... I was not looking at the clock.  I was not rushing things along.  I was fully immersed in the moment.  Enjoying my time with the girls.

It was heaven.  Thank you Lord {thank you for slapping me!}


heather said...

Best kind of night ever!!! Glad you guys had a great day (well, ignoring the sickie part!!) and I hope most of it was spent in jammies too!! :-)

Brigitte Short said...

And with all that....So happy to hear you had a great, fun evening. Way to go Tracie....its all coming together!

Amy Schaal said...

That's fantastic Trac. I have been praying for the same thing and had a similar weekend sans barfing. It was wonderful.