that's why they're free!

So this was only, what? ... my fourth{ish} shoot.  OMWord, I think this family will agree with me when I say it was challenging!  A very rambunctious {but adorable}, two year old boy.  A 13 year old dog.  Bad lighting.  And basically, pandemonium all the way around.

I talked to the family this morning and said, "that's why they're free!"  We were able to laugh about it.  I assured them I got a few good shots, and here's a sampling.

Okay, actually not this first one.  This first one makes me laugh ... the dog is sitting there happy to pose away for me, while the family has craziness going on in the background.  I just kept shooting away, satisfied that I had one cooperative participant.  :)

I'll work on the rest of your photos Tiff and let you know when they're ready.  Enjoy!

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Tiffany said...

Thank you sooooo much for sending this to us. I love them! Jon and I got a good laugh out of your comments. I'm not sure I am completely over the stress of that night yet. I'm starting to understand though that kids are kind of like marriage...for better or worse. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos.