this just in ...

SoooooPer girls ... and dog!  Curt and I were in my office discussing important matters at hand, while the girls were running amuck {did I just say 'amuck?'}.  At one point, they came bounding into the office complete with superdog in tow.

Here they are striking a fierce superpose {awesome watching dad demonstrate to superbaby how to pose!}.  And not that anyone will judge me {right?}, but the blurry photo of superdog, is blurry because I had to crop it out of a different image.

And as fast as they came in ... they ran out.

Superbaby came bouncing in a bit later on supercaterpillar.  Apparently she had important matters to discuss as well.  And we couldn't resist a few poses with supersophie!


heather said...

I love that it's best to be super girls in your undies! :-) TOO CUTE!!

Amy Schaal said...

These are seriously the cutest pictures! Wow.