o christmas tree, o christmas tree ...

We picked up our tree last week at Borzynski's ... pretty cold and uneventful.  The highlight was guacamole at Jose's!  {As I'm writing, I can't believe it's been a whole year since I wrote this.}

And here are some photos of us decorating the tree.  Some highlights:

1. Taylor began the night posing with dogs {while Curt was quickly losing patience over our photoshoot}.
2. Hunter had no interest and was zoned out with Max & Ruby {although she joined us later}.
3. Wynter and Piper patiently took turns on the ladder {um, yeah ... didn't go quite like that}.
4. Somehow a photo clip thing got hung on our tree {it's holiday themed, but still ... really?!?}.
5. We played Christmas music while decorating the tree ... brings back memories of my mom's 8 track player every time I decorate the tree. 
6. I hope I'm creating lifelong memories for my girls.
7. It warms my heart to look at these photos.  Christmas is my favorite holiday ... and these are my favorite girls.

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Gretchen said...

Oh I love Jose's. The food was amazing last time I was there. The margarita's aren't too shabby either! Your tree looks great and I love all your dogs.