hola amigos!

I am blessed.  Let me count the ways ... :)

I pray every morning.  This morning I was sitting outside before the sun had risen, but you could see the pinkish horizon at the edge of the water ... beautiful!  I'm sitting there saying my prayers and I always start by thanking God for what he's done for me ... and let me just say that this morning was one huge thank-fest!

The last couple of days have been amazing.  Friday was spent at our beach just hanging out for the day playing with the kids.  We had our own private parasail that everyone took turns going on.  We had jet skis and a catamaran.

Curt had ordered a slew of kids activities, so there were little kid-sized tents set up with pottery painting, carnival games, a face painter, hair braiders and a little runway for the girls to have a fashion show on.

Thanksgiving night was spent outside at the most gorgeous Thanksgiving table I've ever had the pleasure to eat at.  We had deep-fried turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, beef tenderloin ... the list goes on and it was all delicious!

These are photos of some of the details ... our own water bottles with my logo, the goodie bags Curt had waiting for everyone, my huge birthday sign, the sketch of the girls, and a water bottle with the weekend's itinerary.

These are photos of Thanksgiving day.  Our house host had a birthday surprise for me too!  He had little baby sea turtles for all the kids {and a few extras}, for everyone to let go into the ocean ... it was incredible!!  The kids loved it!

Other photos include a group on the catamaran, Piper posing on the catwalk, Hunter as a bunny, and the girls playing on the beach.

Yesterday, we drove into Cancun where we took an hour or so catamaran ride to Isla Mujeres.  We stopped for snorkeling along the way.  Wynter had just tossed her cookies, so she didn't go out, but Piper loved it!  We saw a lot of colorful fish and a school of barracuda ... oooooo, barracuda {thank you Heart}.

After snorkeling, we docked at the island and hopped in the water with a shark for a photo op, before heading to a pre-packed lunch ... yummy!

After lunch we got back on the catamaran and sailed back into Cancun.  Ahhhhh ....

Last night, we had a beach bbq {I can't wait to share photos!!}, it was spectacular!  The beach was beautiful ... I couldn't even begin to describe it.  And dinner ... let's just say after this vacation, it's back on Nutrisystem for me!  {But worth it!}

After dinner, we watched the video montage again ... I wish you all could see it!  Followed by fireworks ... oh! I forgot to mention, the first night here we had fireworks too.  I love fireworks!

Then the kids watched 'Return to Neverland' on plasma tv's set up on the beach ... complete with popcorn!  While they were doing that, we had a limbo contest {it was silent limbo, so the kids could keep watching the movie}.  Taylor won, and I came in second ... I still got it! {But am paying for it this morning!}

After a bonfire, we got the girls to bed and tucked ourselves in too.

Today will find us playing on the beach again.  And this afternoon, Curt's arranged for a petting zoo to come to the house for the kids.  He has thought of absolutely everything.

Tonight we'll go to Puerto Morelos for dinner and tomorrow we head home.  Head home smiling ...


heather said...

Love these!!! Hope you guys continue to have an awesome time!!!!

And no more boats for poor Wynter!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! This whole experience sounds like something right out of a movie! Sounds and looks like Paradise :) You deserve it Tracie!!!!! Enjoy another fun-filled day in sunny Mexico. Way to go Curt.

Amy Schaal said...


Totally amazing. It sounds like a dream vacation. The pictures are incredible. Baby sea turtles, seriously? Enjoy!

Terbear said...

Happy Birthday Tracie, I am sure this was by far the best birthday ever! Just know that we all want to wish you the best of the best...and it sounds as though you got it! You sooooo deserve it!

love you much!