happens every time ...

It all goes down, when Curt's out of town ... guaranteed!  Why is that?

I was talking to a friend this morning, and she says the same thing ... when our husband's go out of town, you can guarantee something's going to go down at home.

Piper has strep {she's so miserable!}, Wynter's somewhere between faking a stomach ache and being severely constipated.  I don't keep track of when she goes or doesn't and obviously can't rely on her to tell me when she's gone.  But as far as I know, it's been a bit too long since she's gone.  The doctor put her on a laxative yesterday, when Piper got her antibiotic.

Since Wynter tends mention her stomach ache when I'm tending to Piper.  And since she tries to lose her voice when Piper can barely talk ... kind makes me think she may be trying a little to hard to be sick.

But then you never know, right?  Like the time Taylor said she had a stomach ache and I thought she was faking and she puked everywhere ...

Piper came in my bed in the middle of the night and Wynter was there slapping my bum at 5:30 ... what's with 5:30 am in this house?

At least the baby slept through the night!

Anyway ... I've also been meaning to post these pictures of Curt and the girls from the Princess Ball.  Racine has this event every year, but this is the first time the girls {and Curt} went.  It's a dinner and dance for only dad's and their daughters.

Once again, Curt was determined to break the rules ... mine, and the event rules.  The girls were supposed to be between the ages of 3 and 6 {or 8?}.  I was already breaking my rule by letting the girls go and be up past bedtime.  But not the baby.  Curt was determined to take her too.  I figured they would all have a better time if the baby didn't go.  She'd get crabby, they'd have to come home, etc., etc.

Loosen up mom, will you?

I did.

And they had a blast!  Aren't they adorable?

Big brother, Odinn jumped in on the action too ... he's such a good brother and they love him so much!


heather said...

Love the pics!! Love the dresses, love the fancy tiaras, LOVE wyntie's shoes... but most of all I love the beaming look from proud papa Curt!! :-)

Amy Schaal said...

These are fantastic photos! What an adorable crew.

Brigitte Short said...

It is so true. I does happen every time! Its like they plan it. But when we're away...everything is clear sailing for dad. I don't get it. Hope Piper feels better soon..and Wynter too.
Love the pics...love the dresses...love the smiles...and like Heather said...love the beaming look from proud papa Curt.