bible study birthday

Amazing. That's what you women are ...

Last night they surprised me with a little birthday celebration! I was surprised once again ... never expected it. Not even when Heather was buying plates at the store today, brought them over and told me she was in charge of plates. :) Didn't catch on even then!

Can you believe Brigitte made this cake?!? For me ... unbelievable. It took her nine hours. For me ... unbelievable.

Then they presented me with this amazing charm bracelet. Amazing. Each woman picked out a special charm that reminded them of me. Something we shared together, a memory, joke, moment, martini! :)

My most awesome friend Marta, who's battled a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer had a 'pink' ribbon charm put on. I've tried to be with Marta every step of the way as she went through her journey. Holding her hand at chemo treatments, drying her tears at doctor's visits, and most recently encouraging to bear that beautiful head of hers and take the wig off ... and ... she did it!! I'm so proud of you Marta and that charm means everything to me.

Every woman wrote me a card saying which charm was theirs and why. I haven't had a chance to read them yet, and want to do it when it's quiet and I have a box of kleenex.

I'm pretty loved. :)


heather said...

That is true my friend...very loved!!!! Happy Birthday!!

And Marta looked awesomely cute last night as always!! :-)

And I was in charge of plates! :-)

heather said...

Oh and Brigitte...truly amazing (and super yummy) cake!! WOW!

Amy Schaal said...

You are very loved and deserve the very best. That cake was incredible.