newborn baby twins!!

I realize that title might be a bit redundant, but how else was I going to convey my excitement?  I've been dying to get my camera on these little sweeties!

Born 10ish{?} weeks early, Marley & Murphy entered the world on August 28.  They were itty bitty and on lots of machinery.  They slowly gained weight and strength and were able to finally come home.

I had offered mom, right after their birth, to let me know when I could come take photos ... and I finally got the call!  Taylor and I went over on Sunday after church and were blessed to see a little 'twin action' first hand ... yikes!  I thought I had my hands full ...

Their parents seem to have things down to an art {'cept sleeping}, and big sis' Avery is a huge help too ... so sweet to see her loving on her babies!

This is just a sampling of what I'm working on.  I'll post a link when I have them ready.

{note:  i've heard that a photographer should never post the 'best' images from a session ... so just wait 'til you see what i have up my sleeve!  i even managed an action shot ... baby marley in mid-spitup!}


Amy Schaal said...

Wow...these are fantastic.

Terbear said...

Oh my gosh those babies are beautiful...great pictures that I am sure Traci will cherish.

Cindy B. said...

Wow ... what beautiful children and pics!