cookie exchange

I've never been to a cookie exchange before, and now I know why.  Seriously?  10 dozen cookies?!?  120 cookies?  Crazy!

Plus, the cookies we brought needed to be 'freezable' and that seemed to limit my choices even further.  How the heck do I know what's freezable?

I wanted to make a recipe my mom used to make when I was young, all I remember was sneaking into the garage {where we kept the cookies so they stayed refrigerated}, to sneak these yummy cherry chip bars.

Anyway, my mom found the recipe ... called for cherry chips and a cherry chip cake mix.  Neither of which is on the market anymore.  Although, my mom did find the cake mix available at amazon.com.  Only problem is I needed to make them now!

Online I went and found a recipe for Magic Cookie Bars.  Easy enough!  And instead of using a 9x13 pan, like the recipe called for ... I used a cookie sheet and doubled the recipe.  A couple hours later, I was good to go.

Pulled out a favor from my 'secret weapon' {Nellie} and got a pretty recipe design.  Printed, cut and attached to a take out container ... very Martha Stewart if I do say so myself!

Next year, I'm only going for the wine ... no cookies from me!

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Anonymous said...

But Tracie...they are so good. I don't think anyone's going to be freezing yours anyway. They'll all be eaten before they'd make it to the freezer :)
Thanks for coming...and that you managed to stay a little while longer.