i was wrong ...

My husband can surprise me ... big!  I absolutely don't know where to begin ... but will try.

So Sunday is my 40th {birthday, that is}.  We had started talking a while ago about doing something for the big four-O.  I thought a trip with friends would be fun.  As we get into this year, I start asking and saying we should make plans.

At the same time, I'm getting letters from my nephew {in the Army} saying, "I'm really going to try to be home for Thanksgiving Auntie."

So I start asking {read, grilling} Curt about my birthday and if we had plans and if not, we really should start making them.  He's verbal throw-up man in terms of trying to keep a surprise ... so of course, he spilled it 'all' and told me that he'd already made plans.  He'd rented a house in Mexico and some friends were coming, along with my family.  He also went into detail about who couldn't make it and why.

So there, the cat was out of the bag.

That is until yesterday.  As I packed, I thought of a relaxing vacation with friends and family.  Lounging around doing nothing but eating salsa & chips.

We waited til the kids were out of school and flew separately from the rest of our friends and family, so were later getting in.  As we drove up to the house, I could see 'something' was going on.  I saw a tent and people milling about.  Wasn't sure it would be for me, but also wondered if something was up.

As we walked into the house and out back ... these huge sparkler shooter things went off and there were my friends and family taking photos and yelling happy birthday!

It was the hugest, most magnificent birthday party set up that I've ever seen!  Well ... at least that I've seen for me.

I started crying and soaking it all in.  There were colored lights everywhere, plasma tv's everywhere, a cake in the pool with lights and flowers, a logo!, little sitting tables, food ... and my friends and family surrounding me!

I quickly realized I was underdressed, so after my hellos and tears, went upstairs to change into the oneish nice outfit I brought.  My mom came up and helped me get my trainwreck dressed {that's how we roll} children into something presentable for a party.

My husband had goodie bags on everyone's beds ... everyone's!  With beach towels, flipflops.  He had a special birthday shirt made for me and the girls with my bday logo.  There was even an itinerary for the weekend.  Can you believe that?  An itinerary in my honor!

We went back outside to music, food, fun!  After a while it was time for dinner, so we headed to the beach ... yes, the beach right outside our house.  It was so amazing.

I wish I had photos to post.  Know the best part?  There was a photographer and videographer documenting everything!  I'm finally going to be in pictures!  :)

The dinner was a buffet of stations with anything you could imagine.  Sofas and little tables.  Flowers.  Music.  Beautiful lighting.  The waves crashing.  There were little kids tables set up for the girls.  Amazing.  Absolutely amazing.

I love my husband so much.

After the cake cutting and happy birthday song ... Curt presented me with a gift.  A gift I've always dreamed of and is bringing tears to my eyes as I write this.  He had it covered and slowly unveiled a framed pencil drawing of our girls.  If that wasn't gift enough ... he explained to me that this was a sketch of a sculpture he's commissioned of our children.  The plaque at the bottom reads:

Happy 40th Tracie
"our adventurous girls" 2008

It has them pointing at some creature on the ground and laughing.  Curt's thought is to put it at a pond on our property that the girls love to go explore.  I'm thinking I may try to talk him into putting it outside my bedroom window so I can enjoy it every morning.

Okay, back to the evening.  So we're sitting again eating cake and dessert when things slow down a bit.  Curt gets up and gives me the most wonderful toast.  For loving him.  For standing by him {in the last few rough years we had}.  And how much he loves me.  Sigh ....

And then ... the surprise video montage.  If this is any indication of how incredible it was ... I was sobbing.  He had my friends and family video taped saying awesomely sweet things about me.  He had photos I don't think I remember seeing before.  Photos of the kids.  Video from our wedding.  Amazing ... I can't wait to watch it again.

After the video, there were fire dancers on the beach.  Baby Hunter thoroughly enjoyed them!  She was rolling her hands around {think 'wheels on the bus'} and wiggling to the beat ... precious!!

After that on a different area of our beach were pillows and mats laid out next to a huge bonfire for s'mores and relaxing.

Curt thought of every possible detail.  I never expected it in a million years ... I was surprised!

I can't wait to see what the rest of the weekend has in store.  It's an awesome itinerary with amazing things planned.  One of the best parts?  We'll have the photographer and videographer document the whole weekend!  Is that heaven or what?

I'll be taking some photos too and will share when I can.

OH!  and I almost forgot ... Curt even brought my favorite caterer and friend, Marija {from Gracious Events} to help out!

Happy Birthday to me ... :)


heather said...

He got you...Good!!!! :-)

I'm VERY proud of you Curt!!!!!!!!!!

heather said...


It's really nice to see the girl who spoils everyone in her life get spoiled a little herself!!!

Enjoy every moment!!!!!!

Terbear said...

That is so awesome Tracie! I really can't think of anyone more deserving then you and WOW he really did get you~Great job Curt!

Tiffany said...

WOW!!!!! What an awesome birthday surprise! Go, Curt, Go!!! Can't wait to see the pictures. Have a glorious weekend with everyone.

Amy Schaal said...

Nobody deserves a celebration like that more than you. What a fantastic celebration. Way to go Curt.

Amy Schaal said...

Nobody deserves a celebration of this magnitude more than you. Congratulations to you and to Curt.

Amy Schaal said...

Oops! I posted two comments (now three). I thought my other comment didn't work. Wow. Have a great time.