I'm sitting in Starbucks in Chicago waiting for my workshop start time to draw near.  I took the early train down and don't want to be a complete dork by getting to the workshop early.

I had an awesome prayer session in the car this morning {on my way to the train station}.  It again, hit me ... in the midst of the stress I have been completely overwhelmed with lately ... I have forgotten to pray.

I know my Lord can calm me.  I know he can give me peace in the midst of my storm.  I don't know why, in my times of over-the-top stress ... I forget to give it to Him.

Maybe, just maybe ... he keeps putting me in over-the-top stressful situations until I learn that I need to give it to him.  Hmmm ... I'm going to let that one soak in.

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Gretchen said...

You could have shown up early! I would have loved to have company and I wouldn't have thought you were a dork! It was so great to meet you! I hope if you are back in Chicago you will stop by!