I'm sitting in my new office.  SO exciting I can't begin to tell you ... well, maybe I can try.  :)

Although, I am so sad to go into our old office.  I guess now it's Curt's office.  We've shared an office for the past 8ish years.  It looks so incredibly empty.  It sort of puts a pit in my stomach when I go up there.  No more just turning around and telling him what's on my mind, or running over and sitting in his lap to be silly.  :(

Upside?  No more fighting over the temperature {he likes it cold, I like it hot}.

I've been going insane with this construction.  It was all moving along so well, until Friday.  We were supposed to move in on Friday.  And we did move in on Friday, only the space wasn't finished.  Still isn't.  I had off of work on Monday, and today I had my mom take Hunter for me so I could work on things.

Okay, I literally just sighed the hugest sigh ... I'm not even going to go into it ... just put it behind me.

Tonight is the first night the girls are in their new beds ... they are too, too excited.  Poor baby Huntie, though, we had to trick her into thinking the girls are still in her room with her.  The bunk beds they're in are too dangerous for the baby {steep ladder}, so she'll be in the nursery for a while longer.  Maybe til high school?  :)

I posted this on the bwp blog today.  I'll be slowing posting here too.  At least I should.  It's amazing to me how many times throughout the day something will happen and I'll immediately think I should blog about it.  So, who knows ...

But I do know that I need to slow down.  Unpack the boxes surrounding me.  Lift the weight on top of me.  Clear the stress inside of me.

Blessings to you all ... I'll be back soon ...

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heather said...

We want pictures!!! :-)