early birthday for me

So I had a pretty horrible night last night. Just so much going on with Taylor and other decisions I'm being faced with right now.

I had a cookie party to go to last night {more on that later}, and when I got there I pretty much broke down into a puddle of tears. Amy was so sweet to listen to me, hold me and pray with me. Brigitte too ...

And then Amy asks, "Do you want your birthday present?" Um, she may not know me well enough yet ... cuz seriously? you never have to ask me if I want a present! :)

She happened to have it living in her car and excitedly ran out to get it. In case I need to explain ... it's a quilt. Made up of squares from all the girls and one from Curt. Handprints, love, footprints, hearts, drawings and sweet beginner's writing. I love it and will treasure it forever.

Thank you ... from the bottom of my heart Amy ...

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