happy halloween {late}

Me and my girls.
Dad {praying mantis ... with scary voice box thingy and all}.
Girls trick-or-treating.
A baby who suddenly "get's it!"
We had an incredible Halloween.  Started with the girls costume parade at school.  Hunter and I dressed up too.  Everyone went nuts for the candy corn costumes {thank you curt for being in charge of costumes this year ... totally paid off!}.

Then I went into work with my costume on.  It was hilarious!  I was knocking things over all over the place, but everyone loved it.  They even put an apron on me ...

When we got home from work/school, we quickly got ready to go over to Piper's friend Anabelle's house.  The kids were too excited!

Curt was hilarious in his praying mantis costume.  Seriously, he enjoys it more than the kids do.  He loves to scare the other kids, although someone tore a wing off of him.

Huntie got so into the candy.  Is it possible to love someone to death?  This baby fills me so full of joy.  I wish I could remember some of the things she was saying.  She'd sit in the wagon with her candy bucket between her legs.  At one point she snuck a sucker, and the look on her face of pure sweetness ... ahhhhhhhhh.

The night was beautiful.  It slowly turned dark and I'm pulling our baby in the wagon as she's making her way through pretty much her entire bucket of candy.  And I'm just feeling totally at peace.  My family all around me.  My praying mantis ... my candy corn.  I am blessed.

{misting again ...}

And this is the last post of the day.  Obviously, I'm super behind and there are still things I want to write about.  Wynter's field trip.  My day with Hunter.  And my dear friend Marta.

But for now, I must get my butt into the shower and prepare for Wynter's birthday party.

OH!  You can see more photos from the day here.


heather said...

LOVE all the pics!! Although I can't imagine sitting down in the candy corn!! :-) So cute!!!

Amy Schaal said...

Those are seriously the cutest costumes ever! Curt's costume is priceless. I wish I could have seen you all.