my kid & her bff

Taylor and Ana have been friends since ... well ... since they were two years old.  In fact, I'm going to hunt for one of the photos I have of them as toddlers.

They went to the same preschool together.  Ana was a little older and did all of Taylor's talking for her.  She knew what Taylor wanted and made sure everything was taken care of for her.  {why am I misting up?!}

And, because she was older got moved to another class when she turned three.  That left Taylor behind to fend for herself and she actually had a hard time with it.

Sidenote:  My little Taylor was basically bald until she was well into her two-year-old life.  Ana on the other hand, had a full head of hair, and she used to wear the cutest little sprout on the top of her head.  Taylor would beg and beg for 'Ana Becker hair' ... I did the best I could with what little she had.  But she was happy.

Taylor and Ana ended up going to the same school together when they started Kindergarten {she hadn't seen Ana in a couple of years by that point}.  When I saw they would be going to the same school, I asked that they be in separate classes, as I wanted Taylor to make her own way and not hide behind Ana.

They started Kindergarten and were in different classes ... but the inevitable happened and they became inseparable.  And honestly, I couldn't be happier.

{misting up again ...}

Sure, they've had their ups and downs.  But these two, I believe have a bond.  They understand each other.  They 'get' each other.  Their crazy together and aren't afraid to show it.  They don't care what others think.  Well, they do ... but not because their being ridiculously silly.

They're having a hard time right now.  With something called 'relational aggression' ... that's a fancy word for bullying.  I'm not sure why, but for some reason there are a group of kids that are not being too kind to these crazy girls of mine.  It makes me so sad.

It makes them sad too.  We're doing all we can to support them and keep them going strong.  But some days, it's pretty hard.

Why can't the world be a kinder place?

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heather said...

I wish we could know why people can be so unkind!! These two girls are beautiful inside and out...and they deserve to be happy at school!!!