happy {belated} birthday trisha!

So I totally missed singing my favorite lil' sis her birthday song this year.  I'm so sorry Trish ... here goes ...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear TrishA, happy birthday to YOU!  May you live a hundred years.  May you drink a hundred beers.  Get plAstered, you bAAAd girl ... happy birthday to you!

Trish and I are both the same age right now.  Cool, huh?

{and a happy early birthday to my mom!}


trisha said...

of course... today is a special blog for me, as are the ones about our newly graduated airbornes solider brett. thanks for the song, belated or not, i'll take it. love you!!!

Anonymous said...

You girls are even more beautiful today and are still my pride and joy. Love you all the way to Heaven and back.

kris said...

i love this photo of you 2 silly girls ! I always
remember this from your moms house and then smiled to see you have it ( or a copy ) at your house too tracie... soo cute!

Happy Birthday Trisha !
You two get to be twins for short time...how fun!